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If you have ever ordered pet food online, browsed websites selling pet equipment, or explored the best and most valuable flea and worm treatments available for your pets, then you probably know that you can also buy a wide range of pet medications online.

The cost of maintaining a pet is expensive, and if your pet requires veterinary treatment or a constant course of treatment, the fee can increase significantly.

A growing number of pet owners are ordering drugs on the Internet trying to lower the cost of providing essential drugs and supplements for their pets. This can indeed be a viable option to save you money on running costs of preventative and prescription drugs. Buying pet medication online, you can save several hundred dollars since many online stores offer promo codes, generous discounts and bonuses. But buying meds on the net has its own risks, and there are rogue sites, dishonest traders and potential traps that you need to look for when buying supplements or drugs online.

Buying pet medications online: risky or budget-friendy?

Any product prescribed to your pet by a veterinarian may be prescription (RX) and over the counter (OTC ).

This does not mean that you cannot order prescription products on the Internet. Under the new rules, veterinarians are required to provide a prescription to allow pet owners to get the medication necessary for their pet online, so your veterinarian should not insist that you buy goods only from his or her clinic. However, the vast majority of veterinarians charge a prescription fee. Remember this when evaluating the cost of ordering drugs online, as this may mean that any savings you make are negligible.

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Veterinary consultation required!

If you plan on refueling your pet or want to buy something else that could have a direct or indirect effect on their health and well-being, it’s important to talk to your veterinarian about this and get advice before you buy anything. Even non-prescription foods, such as herbal supplements, can affect your pet’s health or possibly interact with other medicines.

Looking for free pet advice for your pet? There are many associations that provide education about diseases and conditions affecting animals, such as This website provides the most comprehensive information about veterinary specialty medicine to animal owners.

How to choose a site to buy pet medications?

If you want to buy your pet’s medicine on the Internet, discuss it with your veterinarian. The next step is to find the right site for your medicine to buy from.

You will not buy medicines for yourself or your family that are of unknown origin or possibly risky, will you? You are most likely to order health-related products from Canadian stores like Oxavi Pharmacy, ain’t you? So be sure to do this for your pet as well.

Look for websites that can require veterinary prescriptions, have a clear and transparent sales and delivery policy, and also contact details (both physical address, phone number, and email contact). You will need this to verify that the site is legal and certified and so that you can easily get support if your package has not arrived or you have a problem with your order.

Your vet may even be able to recommend a website or a couple of websites that you might want to consider. Remember that the site will need to receive both fax and possibly a paper copy of your pet’s prescription, and you may need to contact your veterinarian directly to verify the authenticity of your purchase. All this is absolutely normal and does not cause concern.

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Traps to avoid

Unfortunately, there are always a few unscrupulous companies and individuals who will try their best to cash in on the potential problems and needs of pet owners who are simply trying to do their best with their pets. This is especially true when buying online medicines for pets, so it is important to carefully evaluate the origin of the sites for a wide variety of reasons.

Buy only from websites that show contact details that you can verify. Never buy medicine for pets from websites that hide contact details, even if they seem to offer the same products at a lower cost. Such stores could sell inappropriate, unsafe or non-genuine products.

Do not buy drugs from any site written in poor or broken English. Similarly, do not buy anything from any site that does not require a veterinary prescription to deliver prescription drugs, or that says it can provide you with a veterinary prescription without studying your pet. These sites are not reputable or safe to use.

If anything about the website you are visiting gives you disturbing calls or gives you a reason to suspect that it is not authoritative or authentic, just do not proceed with the transaction. It may seem expensive to buy veterinary prescriptions, but it is still significantly cheaper than your stolen credit card information, your money without the intention of supplying either fake or dangerous products sent to your pet.

Follow the usual rules for staying safe online, avoid phishing attacks and use your common sense.

Happy shopping!

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